Take a Bath in the Earth. Wrap the Earth around you. Feel the Earth Heal you.
Take a Bath in the Earth. Wrap the Earth around you. Feel the Earth Heal you.
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Hungarian Moor Mud  professional 5kg
Hungarian Moor Mud  professional 5kg
Hungarian Moor Mud  professional 5kg
Hungarian Moor Mud  professional 5kg
Hungarian Moor Mud  professional 5kg
Torf Moor Mud & Peat

Hungarian Moor Mud professional 5kg

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Professional sizes ;1Kg  & 5kg available 


Moor Mud

The Back to the Earth brand has its roots entwined with 2000-year-old Hungarian history and its remedial and therapeutic waters. Working with a team of Nobel prize winning scientists, Back to the Earth Naturals imports this Organic Hydro Mineral Moor Mud. The Fulvic acid delivery system that allows the absorption of minerals from the divine waters of Budapest by the skin’s deepest layers for a plump, younger-looking complexion. Explore the range of Cosmetic and Therapeutic benefits  # the healthy habit

Unlike any other mud used in the spa and beauty industry, Torf  Heviz Moor Mud contains virtually no clay (less than 3%) and consists only of organic residue including herbs, flowers and grasses.

Natural Hungarian Moor Mud from Lake Heviz Therapuetic properties

Bio-Available: Because many of the organic substances present within the moor are in a colloidal (suspension) form they are highly bio-available (easily absorbed by the body). Many of the inorganic substances (such as iron, copper, managnese and zinc) are held in bivalent form making them molecularly small enough to also be
easily absorbed.

High Heat Retention: The thermal properties of Moor enable the substance to retain and transmit heat over an extended period of time. 5 X's greater

Bactericidal Action: The presence of certain bio-active substances and beneficial microflora may help to recreate balance in the bacteriological environment of the body.

Absorbent: High proportions of humic acid enable the Moor may help to draw and absorb harmful substances that may be trapped in the tissues. Elimination of these substances is now widely recognized as an important component of health care maintenance and anti-aging.

Hormonal: Phyto-hormone substances present within the Moor may help to stimulate the biotic function of the body and recreate balance in hormonal functioning.

Soothing: The Moor has consistently been reported to exert a soothing effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.

Ion-Exchanging: The presence of humic acids causes an exchange reaction in which harmful positive ions in the tissues are replaced by revitalizing negative ions present within the Moor.

Nerve Stimulant: The fibres of the vegetative nervous system, lying between the epidermal cells, may be stimulated by the Moor (healing Earth) Mud

available in 4oz, 80z, 16oz packages.

100% Bio degradable also HDPE Ok plastic /Your choice.

Here is a chart of Either OR's. Modalities which may be applied with the net wt .

The healing effects of Lake Hévíz Moor Mud

The water of the lake has a very special composition, containing sulphur, calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. It is extremely rich in minerals and, as such, is very effective in treating numerous illnesses – to truly combine treatment and relaxation. It is mainly used for the following health problems: rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders, degenerative and chronic joint diseases, osteoporosis, post-op treatment for musculoskeletal surgeries, post-op treatment for slipped disc, nervous system-related complaints arising for mechanical reasons, chronic gynaecological illnesses, chronic back pain, various skin disorders (such as psoriasis).

It is important, however, to remember that you shouldn't spend more than 30 minutes at a time in the water.

 If healing is not your primary objective, Lake Hévíz is still an ideal choice as in addition to refreshing or relaxing bathing options, it also provides various wellness services of Western European standards. Indulge yourself with (among other things) an underwater jet massage, the medicinal mud pool, the salt cave or a steam bath – essentially whatever you desire. In addition to relaxing, the area has countless active programmes on offer: exquisite hiking trails, Segway opportunities, horse-riding and unforgettable gastro experiences.

Use the Hévíz mud as cosmetics!

In addition to the traditional “wrapped” mud packs many cosmetic mud  also available these days in the beauty market – even those which were made of the Hévíz mud.

                   Apply directy with brush, wait 10 - 20 min, rinse & live the beauty.

The mud formed due to thousands of years of geological and biological processes has high humic acid and organic material content and heat retaining capacity, that is why it has been used in medicine for a long time. However, its cosmetic use is not entirely new. Experiments prove that it also has unique aesthetic effects: empties the excreta, enhances the metabolism of cells, increases the production of collagen, and the minerals inside refill the body. It is excellent for the smoothing of the face, neck and décolleté, and even for body shaping in case of using it as a treatment course. Its regular use enhances the defence mechanism of the immune system.

The products made of mud smoothen and soften the skin. They have a beneficial effect on the renewal of the skin and connective tissue cells, reduce inflammation and the signs of aging, because the thermal effects dilate the capillaries, therefore the nutrients- and oxygen supply increases and as a result, the skin becomes more resistant.   
These cosmetic products are only made of natural ingredients, their essential minerals, vitamins ensure the balanced functioning of the processes among the cells. Already after the first treatment, you can feel the change on your skin – it will have a silky, youthful, fresh and velvety touch.