Take a Bath in the Earth. Wrap the Earth around you. Feel the Earth Heal you.
Take a Bath in the Earth. Wrap the Earth around you. Feel the Earth Heal you.
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Moor Mud Balneo - Peat (Moor Mud)



The Benefits of Moor Mud , Torf Baleno Peat


Back to the Earth Inc. ~TORF SPA Canada

 Hungarian and Czechoslovakian MUD RAW 100% NATURAL FROM THE HEART OF EUROPE OVER 200 YEARS OF SPA TRADITIONS Back to the Earth Naturals Inc. offers a therapeutic mud from the heart of Europe. Our organic mud, also known as Balneo-peat, will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. For over 200 years, European medicinal spas have used Moor Mud(Balneo-peat) to help their clients: reduce pain, detoxify, increase immunity and circulation.  Moor Mud (Torf ) is 100% natural with minerals, humic and fulvic acids, natural amino acids and plant hormones, which helps give it those therapeutic and cosmetic properties making Moor Mud, Peat and Clay great for spa treatments, body wraps and skin care. In Central Europe, many prize Moor for its natural healing ability, and research has shown that the substance can help to improve circulation, soothe aching muscles and reduce swelling in joints. Some even claim that drinking it can calm and heal the gut.


What Is Moor?

Moor is a form of organic ‘peloid’ created by the gradual transformation of plant matter that has been permanently held under water or underground. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in the correct climactic and biological conditions, the plant matter, made up of more than 1,000 herbs, plants, grasses and flowers, undergoes a transformation process over periods of many thousands of years into a homogeneous black substance. During this transformation or ripening process, all of the organic and inorganic components within the plants are assimilated into the substance.

Over Thousands of years 4th Century 

The remarkable revitalizing effects of therapeutic moors have been known for many centuries. The earliest record of their use comes from Galen and Plinius, the great medical minds from the Egyptian era, who described the use of similar deposits by the river Nile as a major healing medium; this type of mud has been recognized for its health and strength-promoting qualities, and even used this type of mud for bathing.

 Moor has become the latest must-try beauty treatment. Moor’s thick, black and odor free substance is an invigorating skincare treatment with many healing properties for both the body and the skin.

What is certain is that Moor has many healing properties and benefits for the skin. 

Additionally, the soothing properties of the Moor extract coupled with its bio-availability make it an excellent treatment for helping relieve the symptoms of acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It has also been used widely as an aid in the treatment of bruising, burns, scar tissue, post-laser surgery and for general improvement of skin tone and texture. All of our products at Moor Spa include our signature nutrient-rich liquid Moor Extract which purifies, soothes, nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

Other Benefits & Therapeutic Properties

These are the main therapeutic properties that have been identified in the ‘Tiefenmoor’ and are available in its raw state for therapies, modalities preformed at Clinics, Spa's, Collages.

Bio-Available: Because many of the organic substances present within the moor are in a colloidal (suspension) form they are highly bio-available (easily absorbed by the body). Many of the inorganic substances (such as iron, copper, managnese and zinc) are held in bivalent form making them molecularly small enough to also be
easily absorbed.

High Heat Retention: The thermal properties of Moor enable the substance to retain and transmit heat over an extended period of time.

Bactericidal Action: The presence of certain bio-active substances and beneficial microflora may help to recreate balance in the bacteriological environment of the body.

Absorbent: High proportions of humic acid enable the Moor may help to draw and absorb harmful substances that may be trapped in the tissues. Elimination of these substances is now widely recognized as an important component of health care maintenance and anti-aging.

Hormonal: Phyto-hormone substances present within the Moor may help to stimulate the biotic function of the body and recreate balance in hormonal functioning.

Soothing: The Moor has consistently been reported to exert a soothing effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.

Ion-Exchanging: The presence of humic acids causes an exchange reaction in which harmful positive ions in the tissues are replaced by revitalizing negative ions present within the Moor.

Nerve Stimulant: The fibres of the vegetative nervous system, lying between the epidermal cells, may be stimulated by the Moor.